Richard Barrell LLB – Construction Documentation Specialist


  • Richard has worked with complex commercial documentation since 1975 including the project management of numerous commercial construction projects as project representative for private financial institutions specialising in construction finance.

  • He has also taught commercial and contract law at university at both under-graduate and post-graduate level. He has specialised in construction documentation and project management with emphasis on contract administration.

  • He has had extensive experience drafting and reviewing complex commercial documentation including construction contracts and has been engaged in resolving contract disputes many of these surrounding specifications and scopes of work.

  • Richard has specialist expertise in the role of the superintendent and the roles and responsibilities of principals and contractors under the Standards Australia suite of AS 2124 and AS 4000 construction contracts.

  • He is a specialist in engineering, project management and infrastructure law including contract drafting and review, contract administration and the preparation and assessment of construction claims and dispute resolution.

  • Richard’s expertise in the preparation and review of detailed construction documentation and his work project managing commercial developments means he is well qualified to present our courses which includes the benefit of his lengthy experience with construction projects and construction documentation generally.

  • His “on-the-job” experience allows him to present academic contract administration concepts with practical relevance for contract supervisors and managers from all trades and backgrounds. He shares this expertise, with a practical priority, in each training course.

  • He is an experienced presenter of construction documentation training courses throughout Australia.


  • Boost contract clause reading, understanding and analysis skills

  • Empower enhanced contract supervision

  • Develop key contract management competencies

  • Improve risk assessment, risk management and conflict avoidance

  • Correctly and confidently prepare and/or assess construction claims

  • Work “on site” and in the office with renewed insights and confidence.


High quality course, absolutely worthwhile attending
Professional and entertaining – well exceeded my expectations
I gained a wealth of knowledge from this excellently presented course
Excellent course, comprehensive and well presented, effective and engaging
The presentation and course content exceeded all expectations I highly recommend this excellent course to others
The course workbook is an ideal future resource – Excellently presented
The course was extremely beneficial with an excellent coursebook
This course was absolutely worthwhile attending, well prepared and highly practical, excellently presented by a highly skilled communicator
Interactive discussions and memorable case examples – An excellent course
I found both the course and the presenter were excellent and I would like to attend your other advanced courses as well
Very worthwhile attending, the presenter was extremely knowledgeable, and I learnt a  lot of relevant stuff with an excellent useful workbook included
The presenter’s knowledge was fantastic with an engaging presentation style 
I just wanted to extend my gratitude on how much I enjoyed attending the two day contract management course, in particular, the trainer Richard Barrell.  Richard is an exceptional trainer, he’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a delight to listen to.
I believe that everyone in the industry needs to attend this course. 
Richard’s knowledge and experience in contract management was very impressive, the
course maintained an informal atmosphere and was very beneficial assisting me in my role managing construction contracts
Richard has a very thorough approach to course content that is easy to follow and understand
The course content is very applicable to my current role as a contract manager
The presenter’s knowledge of both the subject matter, Australian standards, and historic case studies was fantastic with an engaging presentation style allowing lots of discussion
Richard was very easy to get on with and he explained everything thoroughly and has great knowledge
Excellent, knowledgeable presenter who was very approachable and willing to answer questions. The presentation and course content exceeded expectations
I would recommend this course to others
Richard was very knowledgeable on contract law and construction works with real life
examples of claims and issues relevant to construction, very worthwhile attending with good in-depth discussions
Worthwhile attending with an excellent presenter who shared examples and knowledge relating to my role contract managing capital works projects
The course was very helpful thanks Richard. I keep the course book on my desk and often refer back to it.
With Richard’s knowledge, I believe it will help me as a works supervisor immensely
Very worthwhile attending. The presenter captured our attention with his deep knowledge of the subject material  
The very experienced presenter was easily able to answer every question
The presenter had a very thorough approach to course content that is easy to follow and understand
Very informative, well presented excellent course
The presenters prior experience and background of contract expertise provided an excellent knowledge base  
The course was excellent and definitely worthwhile, and the relaxed presenter was easy to listen to and engaged us with his wide knowledge